Engine Power Up (Concept: Daniel Graffenberger) by Joltya on Sketchfab

Before the modeling could begin, a reference board was assembled. The original concept art is placed in the middle, surrounded by various real-world references placed around it. This is to get a better idea of some of the finer details that weren't filled in or other wise not included within the original concept.


Once the reference was compiled, the blocking stage began. Here, all of the basic shapes were blocked out. Once that was completed, the shapes were refined and details were added.

After the refining process was completed, The next step was to create a low poly version. I used a cleaned up version of some of the base meshes for some of the parts, and for others I created new shapes that followed the flow of the shape accurately.

Once the low poly version was completed, it needed to be unwrapped so that all of the textures could be rendered properly. Once the piece was unwrapped, it's ready to be baked and textured.



Using grunge and particle brushes in Substance Painter, I created some masks to use that show leaking and wearing on the front of the brass section and on the cylinders on the side, as well as adding dirt in the crevices. These masks were Photoshop to add that extra layer of detail to the textures.